Pastor Joseph

Pastor Joseph affectionately known as “Joe.” is a man radically transformed by GOD. He believes that the Body of Christ should be empowered in every aspect of life. He is armed with a special anointing to meet people right where they are-whether rich or poor, young or seasoned, educated or uneducated, businessman or ex-con, Pastor Joseph is called to minister to people from all walks of life and especially to those who have never met Christ.

Pastor Joseph has the unique ability to be cross-generational and cross-cultural. Through lessons learned from Dr. Antoine G. Laine, he is becoming a trailblazer. He is challenging the conventional notions of tradition by focusing on relevance rather than routine. Walking besides him is his wife, Elisabeth (The Queen) and his daughters, Keziah and Abigail. Understanding that his family is his first ministry, he is striving to be a man of uncompromising integrity.

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