Matthew 19:14


What a pleasure it is to welcome you to Temple of Refuge. Temple of Refuge affectionately known as "T.O.R" is a Church which operates as a Kingdom-Driven, Christ-Centered global outreach center focused on the holistic development of people, communities and marketplace ministry. Our Slogan is "A Local Church with a Global Vision".

We envision a multicultural, multigenerational church where people from all ages, cultures and classes can attend and feel comfortable in their worship experience. Whether you are just beginning your walk with God, or you’re a committed believer continuing your journey with Him, you will find a place here at Temple of Refuge!

Founded on biblical principles, our ministry is dedicated to ministering to everyone from all walk of life. With your commitment, we strive to impact and encourage our local communities, as well as spread the love of God beyond the walls of the church.

At Temple of Refuge you will experience a loving environment – a place in which you can grow spiritually and enjoy an intimate worship experience with God. Additionally, you will have a place to use the gifts and talents that the Lord has placed within you.

Again, we invite you to worship with us and welcome you to Temple of Refuge with our arms and hearts open wide.


At Temple of Refuge, an authentic connection with you is important. We strive to encourage, support, and inspire each other through Christ centered worship, by connecting to God and connecting with each other. We convey what we believe about God through traditional gospel and contemporary expressions.


At Temple of Refuge, we help people grow. We want you to become a better you. We believe that as you go deeper with us in the faith you grow stronger in the faith. Every Wednesday night is an opportunity for you to become better through effective prayer and Bible study, and impactful ministry opportunities.


At Temple of Refuge, you make a difference. We have many opportunities where you can express your talents by serving in ministry. Serving in ministry allows you to help others. God gives us talents to help people and when we commit to that we touch his heart. You have talents and we want to give you the opportunity to use them.


At Temple of Refuge, we genuinely care for those in need through MATTHEW 25 IN ACTION ministry. Reaching out to others in the community and the world is a small thing we do in a BIG way.