A Disciple...

  • Is passionately committed to Jesus – zealously putting him first in every area of life
  • Is sensitive & submitted to the Holy Spirit – maintaining a posture of openness and humility to the Spirit’s inner prompting
  • Evaluates life according to biblical standards – knows the Word and applies it effectively to all aspects of life; is not distracted by the world’s standards
  • Lives morally pure – recognizes their body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and through his empowerment walks in holiness of thought, word and deed as an act of genuine worship
  • Is dedicated to a healthy family – flowing first out of a love relationship with God, they actively seek to promote strong loving relationships in the home
  • Embraces cultural reconciliation – sees those of other cultures as equals, values the enriching nature of their cultural differences, intentionally pursues relationships with them, seeks to overcome relational barriers through love, humility and honest dialog
  • Engages in biblical community – prioritizes deepening relationships with others in the context of a small group for the purpose of furthering spiritual and emotional growth and community impact
  • Is committed to living a missional life – understands that they were created with a God-given purpose and intentionally pursues discovering and fulfilling it
  • Is evangelistically bold – has been so impacted by God that they can’t help but share him with others – through words and deeds – engaging people where they’re at through relationship
  • Is socially purposeful & responsible – proactively engaging the world around us; being the tangible compassion and love of Christ to the world

You are on track toward Discipleship! The membership track aims to lead you toward discovering your purpose by introducing you to TOR Church, the essentials for our Christian discipleship, the necessity of Discipleship, and the discovery of your purpose!

  • Church 101
  • C.D 201
  • TOR life 301
  • Discovery 401